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This website will truly help your marriage and other relationships improve. There is one major difference in this website compared to others. This difference if found in the word PRACTICE. Other websites spend time and cost a lot of money attempting to teach you how to improve your relationships. But this website gives you the opportunity to practice what you have learned. The skills you need to improve your marriage must be practiced, or the knowledge will do you little good.

Through practice, we will teach you how to listen affectively. We believe being able to listen well is the key to preventing arguments and the foundation to resolving arguments. Once you have learned to listen well, we will also teach you how to find resolutions through a “Win Win” method of problem solving. But first, you will need to become proficient in listening, and you will only accomplish this through practice.

In every other area of life, those who perform at a high level have reached that level through practice. This is true for major league baseball players in the batting cage, and professional golfers on the driving range. So, join us and learn one of the most important skills which will change every relationship – this is the ability to listen and to understand.

We offer no guarantees that this site will save a marriage only that it has the potential to assist you in learning how to listen better and that can have a benefit to all of our relationships.

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